Dylan's Legacy

by Jon Loomes

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A radical departure from my usual style, this is my response to the election fever currently being demonstrated by a lot of my folk singing mates.


Come gather round people wherever you roam

For time it has passed and the time it has come

Now it’s time to account for the things you have done

Since you said that the time was “worth savin’”

We can see how your playing affected the game

For the times, they are exactly the same.

Come critics and writers and tell us once more

Of the bright paradise that you clearly foresaw

With your wide open eyes. Show me evidence for

The utopia you were arranging.

Yes, the wheel spins; Fortune Rota Volvitur

Yet the times, they are exactly the same.

You mothers and fathers, it’s not a surprise

That your children and grandchildren now criticise.

Your generation must hear our replies

To that song of your very own making.

The song that you sang, it was nothing but lies

For the times, they are exactly the same.

The waters have risen and we’re barely afloat

And it seems that we find ourselves in the same boat

I’m leaving this party and getting my coat

For there’s no way on earth I’m remaining.

Don’t ever dare tell me which way I should vote

For your parties will give us exactly the same.

(A round of applause please for Mr Larry Adler...)

So now to conclude and to finish my verse

The blessed are still blessed and the cursed are still cursed.

The times are, if anything, probably worse

So you’ll understand why I’m complaining.

The last is still last and the first is still first

And the times, they are exactly the same.


released May 5, 2015



all rights reserved


Jon Loomes Ripponden, UK

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